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Zdjęcie plaży w Niechorzu
Zdjęcie plaży w Niechorzu

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Welcome to Puchacz-Spa

Do you dream of a romantic weekend by the sea? How about family holidays in Niechorze? Puchacz-Spa can help you to achieve those desires!

There are many facilities offering accommodation at the seaside. It is not about finding any place where you could stay overnight and spend some time in case of bad weather, it is about finding a guesthouse where you will spend time with pleasure, whose inside will please the eye, and the atmosphere will make you to come back every year. Puchacz-Spa, situated at the seaside, is exactly like this.

Puchacz Spa is situated in one of the most beautiful seaside towns - Niechorze. For those who choose to stay at our resort, we offer exclusive rooms designed for one, two, three or even four people. All our interiors are characterized by spaciousness and excellent design – at the same time they are elegant, so that our guests can feel really special, which makes the majority of our customers make themselves like at home.

"Like at home" one may make oneself also while visiting our restaurant. Dishes, which served in our kitchen are made with passion and love. We are confident that everyone will find something for himself in the menu of our restaurant : a couple who went on a romantic weekend at the seaside, a family spending holidays in Niechorze, vegetarians looking for new, surprising blends of spices, people who are on a diet, and – as it is a guesthouse at the seaside! - fish lovers.

Comfortable rooms, an elegant restaurant, what more can offer guesthouse at the seaside? A Salon Spa! Libra SPA is a modern complex in which our guests can mostly take care of their bodies, but also enjoy a little bit of rest and relaxation. But this is still not all! Puchacz-Spa is not an ordinary guesthouse at the seaside. Puchacz-Spa is a guesthouse with a swimming pool at the seaside!! he pool is a guarantee that with us you will never get bored. For those who do not like swimming we offer the other parts of our water complex: jacuzzi and sauna. Apart from accommodation, Puchacz-Spa offers also the possibility of organizing special events in the resort. Our excellent location, unique design, rich gastronomic experience and a garden cause that we can meet the highest demands of each client. For our guests we also make available a well-equipped conference room.

Holidays at the seaside? Only in Puchacz SPA

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